Heres the deal...MooM are a improvisational rock band from England.
We like to think that our music lends an original perspective to songwriting and improvisation.
We've been on our journey through music for nearly 10 years, so we know a few moves.
By the way...we like to jam...and yes, we can hip-hop.

The Members of MooM Dojo
MooM Roots
Free Range Manifesto


Kris_MooM (Dojo composer/Shaolin guitar forms)
Training in the gardens.

Jim_MooM (Dojo bass master/Slap fighting)
Outside the dojo,encouraging the students.


Greg_MooM (Dojo drummer/stick fighting)
Mark_MooM (Dojo guitarist/sliding finger kung fu)
Demonstrating MooM_Dojo styles for a martial arts magazine.



The good people of MooM Dojo believe that musicians live a happier, healthier life when given space to roam freely about their natural environment without the intervention of intense farming methods. We are of the opinion that the use of artificial simulated environments in music farming over the past 10 years has lead to an overall drop in the quality of music that consumers have come to expect on their kitchen table. Gone are the golden years of "Live-stock" farming when all a farmer needed was a field and a lot of love; only to be replaced by the gargantuan music corporations which we know, year-after-year produce massive surpluses of unneeded low grade music. MooM are also concerned about the lack of public information regarding current cosmetic testing on musicians. Popular belief holds that these practices have seen a sharp decline since the dark days of the 1980's. Back then, it was common for captive musicians to be subjected to painful makeup procedures and made to endure frightening experiments, which too often involved testing the broken musicians' reactions to waves of disorienting lights and loud explosions. Have we learnt nothing from the past...we can all remember those sorry creatures pacing around their stages; the unnatural repetitive movements...the lack of free will. MooM aims to promote public awareness for the plight of the "Free-Range" music farmers around the globe and would appreciate your support in boycotting any product that seems overtly cruel to musicians or that appears to have been produced in artificial conditions.

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